Saturday, September 27, 2014

Skin Peeling Mountain Skateboarding

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Zipping Down a Mountain Road Skateboarding
Matrix Skateboarding

Let's say Arbor Skateboards gives you a new line of skateboards. You take that skateboard and high tail it down a mountain road at speeds in excess of 30/35mph. Zipping and weaving around cars, road debris, rocks and the errant fly that finds its way down your throat, up your nose or camera gear. Well folks James Kelly took that skateboard and made a gut wrenching downhill shift through the hills of Western Sierras. Brass balls folks, brass balls.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Short Action Film: Teens Like Phil

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Teens Like Phil is stark reminder of modern day bulling in school with individuals wrestling with their sexuality and dealing with teen angst. Phil and Adam are high school students dealing with different issues facing them at home and at school. Phil is trying to come to terms with his sexuality through his writings and literature books. Adam is being teased that his "BFF" Phil has the hots for him. In addition, Adam's older brother at home keeps messing with him which reinforces his mindset to once and for all prove his masculinity the only way he can through violence. Both Phil and Adam deal with their turbulent teen sexuality in different ways than one.

(ASPD Films)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

German Sex Markets

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Glow Light Butt, Blacklight Butt, Blacklight Panties, Blacklight Ass
Twerking Lights by Jada Stevens

In this documentary Journey Pictures TV takes you behind the scenes of Germany's €21 billion sex tourism market. On the outskirts of Stuttgart, male clientele can window shop without police attention in this bustling sex supermarket district where "clients" can find Groupon type deals such as a flat rate €99 all you can do deal. There have been reports in Cologne intercourse can run €40 [$54] and in Frankfurt €20 [$27]. Beneath this liberal sex worker freedom, a nasty and troublesome scourge of sex trafficking rears its ugly head. Most of the girls are from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria or Romania) or Asia and are not local German babes.

Germany has become Europe's Bordello or the fashionable grocery discount chain Aldi for prostitutes. In 2002, prostitution was made legal and eventually opened up the sex trade of around 3,000 red-light establishments in the country, and 500 brothels in Berlin alone. It’s been estimated by analysts that more than 1 million men pay for sex in Germany every day.

What can we find beneath this strong sex tourism market propelling the German economy?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Apple iCloud Hollywood Leak More Than Just Pics and Videos

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Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire 

JLaw fanatics have been granted the intimate pictures and videos of Hunger Games leading star and soon movie feature Serena. On Sunday August 31, 2014 twitter exploded with retweets and favoriting of leaked collaged Jennifer Lawrence pictures. Upon further inquiry a huge 100+ list of celebrity pictures have now been listed and leaked piece meal by piece meal. It all started in the cesspool of 4chan where the individual responsible for downloading all of these pictures and video shared and sold private data for bitcoins. Presumably the first buyer went straight for Jennifer Lawrence's data and leaked them on the 4chan board. A few hours later when it started blowing up, posts began being purged as trolls and reuploaders tried to scam people in buying already bought data with bitcoins. Let's just say things went out of control.

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire 

Sources have stated that TMZ was offered the data by the hacker for six figures but instead took cold digital cash from users instead. Close to $70,000 USD in bitcoins for exploiting a 2FA security vulnerability for Apple's Find My iPhone login using a published tool on GitHub called iBrute. It didn't take long for this tool being published that Hacker News picked it up before someone had already spent days digging around for celeb nudes.

  Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire 

Whilst everyone is so fascinated downloading, archiving and fapping, these pictures will be forever on the Internet, others seem to forget that maybe this iCloud vulnerability may have given the hacker access to iCloud's other synced information such as Notes, Contacts, Docs, Pages, & Mail. Although the original poster is mum on details on how he/she/they got the data in the first place. It would be exponentially even more lucrative if the person who sold the data had numbers of Hollywood A-listers from Contacts, personal Notes from celebs and even corporate business information inadvertently synced to the cloud. All this information could have a high price on the black market on the deep web.

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFireIn a few weeks or days we should know more once everything has settled down and the FBI starts their online chase.

I guess iOS 8's photo collection feature will be downplayed a bit by Apple on September 9, 2014. Go Apple!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Travel Bum Show: Season 1 "Cuba"

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Cuban Model, Cubana Latina, Exotic Cubana, Cuban Women, Cuban American
The beautiful and exotic Yaneli.

The one and only Cuban prostitution documentary by Andrew Lindy of Travel Bum Show. This documentary put Andrew Lindy on the map with its unique look into the exotic way of life for Cubans in Cuba. In this film we get a deep connection with the culture of Cubans, their way life, their happiness and the hustle to survive. One native Cuban catches the eye of Andrew and they go through a whirlwind budding traveling romance against the backdrop of a communist nanny state. A real life perspective of a beautiful cubana named Yaneli sharing her life story in front of the lens. Baring it all for viewers of her struggles, dreams, aspirations and goals.

I won't get into the full synopsis of this wonderful documentary. You just have to watch it.

“Cuban women can take a compliment without sneering at you as though you offered them your entire soul.”

 – Andrew Lindy

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Buy Dogecoins Using Coinstar Kiosks with Paypal

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Have a pile of loose change by the entrance door?

Have a pile of change in an odd sock located inside the left top draw of your clothing stand?

Then use that loose change fiat for some dogecoins! Yes, that is right. Turn in your fiat coins into Dogecoins by only using a Coinstar kiosk located in many big chain supermarkets like Big Y, Walmart, Pathmark, Waldbum's, A&P, The Food Emporium, Stop & Shop and many more. After counting your change you can transfer your fiat by buying Dogecoins from with one click.

Here is how to do it.

Gather all your loose change from couches, coin jar, piggy bank, car crevices and the laundry hamper.

Next you must first enroll your Paypal account before heading to your nearby Coinstar kiosk. IMPORTANT!

It doesn't take a few minutes to enroll into the Coinstar-Paypal program.

What I thought was an easy 1-2-3 step process to enroll, Paypal begged for more personal information than is necessary to have my Paypal account linked before going to a Coinstar kiosk. It automatically limited my account so adding money would be impossible. Who would have thought trying to turn loose change into Dogecoins would be so fraught with bureaucratic red tape. No wonder the bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin community hates Paypal like an unwanted Aunt at a family reunion. Paypal just sucks.

If you got past this enrollment dragnet head to the nearest kiosk.

Next find your nearest Coinstar kiosk at your local supermarket.

Then empty that bottle of coins into the Coinstar machine and watch your money add up!

Now buy doges!!

Watch your money instantly fly into your wallet. Remember backup your private key(s) for each new additional wallet on a USB flashdrive, HDD, or encrypted offline storage like a laptop that never connects to the Internet.

BTC: 12p9dynYfWMBmcWRVYFQ1vyfreZN5EbMab


 PPC: PMNTki9N71BJiei8tTzCR2r3ciaXnbKfQb


Saturday, August 16, 2014

McLaren P1 GTR Premieres at Pebble Beach

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The 986hp McLaren P1 GTR has been finally unveiled at Pebble Peach with Shmee150 front and center giving us all the exclusive angles of the successor of the McLaren F1 GTR. This P1 GTR will cost £1.98 million and is only available to McLaren P1 owners. Owning the P1 GTR includes track circuit runs around the world with performance training for owners of this track only car. It joins the Ferrari XXX and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento owners who also own track issued versions of the road legal cars respectively.
Now all the 375 McLaren P1 owners can get their checkbooks out and us poor folks can look forward to hearing this car on a racetrack very soon. 

Image Credits: Shmee150

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